Chainsaw Carving Festival
To Benefit
Wolchek Foundation

Hosted By 7C's Winery

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Photo/Video/Liability Release


Carvers will receive:

Event T-shirt
Gift Bag
Lunch Item Friday
Lunch Item Saturday


Logs and slabs will be provided - carvers may only use the wood provided

Carving will be Friday and Saturday
Carvers may arrive starting Thursday
Choice of logs/booth will be by a drawing as you arrive

You will be judged on One Main Carve item and One Quick Carve item

Carvings will be auction off on Saturday
Auction proceeds will be split between the carvers and the charity

Carvers may add additional items to the Auction
Additional Carvings done during the event will be added to the Auction

Carvers will each receive a Bid Number and may bid in the auction
If you buy back your item it will receive a reduced score from the judging
Event organizers / carvers may put a reserve price on some carvings

There is plenty of parking behind your booth
You may sell your other carvings from your booth
See Judging for additional information
Carvers are expected to keep their booth in an orderly manner
Although not required Carvers are encouraged to maintain appropriate liability insurance

To aid in clean up Carvers should put all wood chunks in one pile and saw dust in another

No alcohol in your booth during carving hours

Camping is allowed - no hook ups


Any Carver that would like to produce a custom carving for our Major Donors
Let us know



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